Anxiety can have a negative effect on your life, it makes you nervous, can decrease your health and overall quality of life and being nervous all the time makes everything less pleasant and makes it harder for you to live in the moment and just enjoy things.

The mental effects of your anxiety can put you into a downward spiral, making your life worse and worse until you end up breaking the circle. One place where it has a drastic negative impact is on your love and sex life.

Fear of talking to women

Anxiety can hold you back when talking to women, whether you know them or not. It makes you afraid of the outcome, afraid to look like a fool if she doesn’t reciprocate the interest and rejects you.


This anxiety can paralyze you, which is actually a useful evolutionary response, in the appropriate situation, which is not now.

So you end up not taking any action, which throws you into a vicous circle of feeling ashamed of yourself for freezing up like a loser and just ends up giving you more anxiety in the future.

Bedroom anxiety

Premature Ejaculation…

Should you in some serendipitous way manage to actually get on a date, and even manage to get lucky, the bedroom is your next hurdle to face.


Your anxious nature has probably turned you into somewhat of a people pleaser. Focusing too much on her and getting her to climax. The anxiety gets into your head and before you know it you end up treating her to the two pump special, paralyzed with fear, and the deed is already over.

… or going limp

Or equally bad (perhaps even worse), you end up with a floppy disk and having to give up way before the finish line.

And there comes the feeling of shame again. By getting too anxious about your bedroom activity, you have once more increased your anxiety, pushing you into an even worse spiral than you were already in.

Abandonment Issues

Should you even manage to get over the first two hurdles, you end up at number 3, the relationship.


Your anxiety and feeling of inferiority (=desire to people-please) has made you dependent on the external validation of her, of the relationship, you end up tying your identity to it and fear it ending.

This makes you very nervous and anxious about what she’s doing in her spare time and makes you fear her cheating on you or it just makes you uncomfortable of her being able too.

You start falsely acusing her of cheating, which totally drains the relationship and your irrational fears might cause her to actually end up in the arms of someone else or just breaking up with you.

How to fix: vicious circles and how to get out of them

Your anxiety comes from fear (fear of missing out, fear of outcome), lack of self-esteem and most of all, a scarcity mindset. Scarcity when it comes to money, women, jobs, etc.

We will always preach an abundance mindset. Knowing that if the relationship would end you could still find someone else will have a relaxing effect on you, even if you never want it to end. Be the best version of yourself and keep improving, making her look up to you. Always improve by making money, getting fit, being social, work on your mindset and having a fun life she wants to be a part of.

Easier said than done, right? How should you get there? Well, you’re at the right place, as you might have noticed during your stay, we’ve set up the categories to help you achieve each of these five properties. Money, Fitness, Social, Mindset & Fun. Have a browse through all of them, pay us a visit now and then and maybe sign up for our newsletter too while you’re at it.

Keep crushing it, you’ve got this!