Electric Cars – What’s Their Future?

Are you thinking about moving to an electric car but do not know if it’s really worth it? We analyze electric cars in detail to figure out if it is worth buying. Take notes!

But is it profitable?


Although the consumption will always depend on the model, we can say that on average an electric car consumes 17 kWh per 100 kilometres. 

On average, an electric car consumes about € 2.5/$2.8 per 100 km if recharged with daytime rate, and can drop to € 1.18/$1.32 per 100 km if done at night. On the other hand, a diesel car with medium power consumes around € 5/$5.61 per 100 km. However, if it is only driven in the city, consumption increases to € 7/$7.85 per 100 km.

If we travel an average of 30 kilometres a day in the city, the energy or fuel cost will be:

  • Electric car: € 120.45/$135.11 per year (if we recharge at night rate)
  • Traditional car: € 766.5/$859.77 per year

Clearly, electric cars can help us save more than €640/718 per year under this assumption. Although it is true that the car is more expensive when you buy it, if you have a lot of travelling in your routine, electric cars tend to be a great option. Also taking into account that electric car maintenance is cheaper because of minimal repair requirements, it becomes profitable 5-6 years after the purchase.

Written by Ryan F Perez

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