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  • classic mens style

    Dressing sharp with classic mens style

    When we’re talking about the classic mens style, it’s this in a nutshell “Every girls crazy about a sharp dressed man,” thank you ZZ Top, never was a truer word or song lyric in this case,spoken. But I gotta tell ya, thinking about what to wear everyday is damn hard work. There is a way […] More

  • history of shaving

    A Brief History of Shaving

    Here’s a brief history of shaving facts you may not know. The average man will spend 3,000 hours of his life shaving, almost enough time to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s as integral part of the daily man regime as checking the morning stock prices or mourning the end of a […] More

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    How to Dress Right for Your Age

    One day you’re having your first beer with your dad, the next you’re making him a grandad after a night of tequila shots. These are the rites-of-passage that sell aftershave and life insurance. The moment they don’t tell you about is the one where the attractive girl smiling in your direction is doing so at […] More