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Summer is over and your son’s hair has suffered greatly from the effects of sun, surf, and chlorine. The vacation was fun, but now it is time to get serious and tackle the world. Whether he is in his first year of school or just beginning junior high, it is time to get your son’s hair back in shape with a haircut and professional grooming services from an experienced and well-established barber at a gentlemen’s barber club. While you’re at it, your hair may need some attention as well…


Dad and Son Quality Time

One of the greatest and most rewarding of all dad and son activities is that all important haircut and barbershop experience to start getting back into the swing of things with a gentlemanly flair. Save your son the embarrassment of having his hair cut and styled at your wife’s girly beauty salon, and avoid those “chop shop” barbers in the mall where your hair ends up looking like something out of a cheap horror film. Your son should look like a true gentleman on his first day at school or on the job. Get him ready to face the world in style and treat him to a day of quality dad and son time at a well-established and professional barber club. Dads and sons can enjoy a manly day of grooming with a membership at a distinguished gentlemen’s barber club, where both can experience a manly haircut, straight-razor shaves, and other gentlemanly grooming services. Dad and son will be treated like the head of the class with professional haircuts and grooming services performed by distinguished and experienced barbers. Make a Dad and Son tradition with a membership to an exquisite gentlemen’s barber club where you will receive top notch treatment while experiencing the value of quality time spent together in a relaxing and gentlemanly environment.

Kennedy All-American Barber Clubs

It’s time to introduce your son to one of the finer things in life…

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At Kennedy All-American Barber Clubs, sons get their hair cut free when dad gets a haircut too! The Kennedy man is the distinguished Ultimate Gentleman who tackles the world with vengeance, all the while taking great pride in his appearance. With a Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club membership, you and your son will be magically transported to yesteryear, when getting a quality haircut and shave from a qualified and professional barber was the act of all civilized men. Experience the distinguished feel of old-world charm and class in the company of other discerning gentlemen with a membership to a Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club, where you and your son will enjoy affordable luxury grooming services while sipping on your favorite beverage and listening to your choice of music. Discover a quiet retreat where you can both get away for all the necessary grooming services a real gentleman needs. Kennedy’s All-American Barber Clubs offer a number of contemporary grooming products and quality services in an effort to provide all the tools necessary for dad and son to become the Ultimate Kennedy’s barber clubs Gentlemen.