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  • How to survive if you fall through the ice

    How to Get Yourself Free If You Fall Through the Ice

    This is information every man should know. How to get yourself free if you fall through the ice. It’s not knowledge that you, thankfully, will need to use every day, it’s the type of knowledge that you tuck away in the “how the hell do I know that” part of your brain that will surface […] More

  • The 3 secrets of success every man should know and remember

    3 secrets of success every man should know

    If you ask any successful man how they got where they are, most of them will tell you that it was through hard work, determination, and persistence. Most of us know what they are, they are taught to us by our parents as life lessons. But they are so easy to forget. There isn’t a […] More

  • Pepsi cola sign in NYC



    The Untold Story of the Pepsi-Cola Sign in NYC

    “Coke vs. Pepsi” is the ultimate get-to-know-you question, one of the few debates with no middle ground. Yet, few know that this “soda war” has a history as rich and varied as the flavors each company offers. For instance, in New York’s Long Island City stands a glimmering relic of a time when Pepsi was […] More

  • the candida auris threat

    Candida Auris – The Super Bug That Is Taking Over The World

    The world had not even recovered from the threat of Zika, when news of another, more prevalent super-bug emerged – Candida Auris. So far all we know about the fungus is that it is highly resistant to existing drugs and that it was misdiagnosed for years, which is why it was able to spread around […] More

  • cbd soda

    CBD Soda : Yep, You can drink it too

    CBD, or cannabinol, is a controversial molecule that has taken the world by storm lately. Typically derived from hemp or cannabis, CBD has been shown to potentially be an option for helping several physical health issues, as well as a possible aid for many common mental complaints such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even pain […] More

  • The dark web

    What Happens on The Dark Web?

    The Dark Web, also known as the Deep Web or Darknet, is a place unfamiliar to most people. A place mostly unheard of, yet it is gaining in popularity in the media. What is this vast array of networks? After reading this article, you’ll have a general idea of what happens in this mysterious plane […] More

  • alternative energy wind turbine

    How to build a wind turbine

    How to build a wind turbine Electricity does not come cheap and can severely affect the beer money fund. Renewable energy is on the rise with most governments setting quotas for energy coming from renewable resources (for environmental, not beer reasons). One such option is wind turbines, with wind farms helping several countries meet their […] More

  • Bizzare festival

    The top 5 Weirdest Festivals that test the boundaries of human sanity.

    Humans are really good at finding any reason to celebrate something. There are many occasions worth throwing a festival for, but some are more unique than others. From nationwide water gun fights to naked guys running through the streets of Japan, there are some truly bizarre festivals celebrated around the globe. Here are the top […] More

  • online security and password protection

    Online Security – Protecting Yourself from MOFO Hackers

    Online security is no joke these days and you really need to take it seriously. There are plenty of MOFO hackers out there who will steal your passwords, your credit card details and given half the chance, steal your whole identity and really f*ck your life up. What’s amazing though is how little information there […] More

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