7 bucket list beers

Alright this for those of you who insist on drinking that Bud stuff, and for those of you who would like the experience of actually enjoying a pint or two. This is not for those of you who’s sole objective when on a night out is to get totally hammered then end the evening on your knees speaking to God down the big white phone.

This is for beer connoisseurs…

So here are 7 beers you should have on your bucket list to enjoy before you kick it.

bucket list beers 1

Double Bastard Ale – Arrogant

Arrogant produces excellent beers and any one of them is worthy of your time. Double Bastard is not for the faint hearted, it’s an American strong ale that comes with it’s own consumer warning – see below.

It’s a reddish amber in color with a heady malty flavor and “quite alcoholic” at the 11% ALC/VOL mark.

A couple of these and you might wake up next to somebody unexpected!

Commercial consumer warning from their website: Double Bastard Ale is not to be wasted on the tentative or weak. Only the Worthy are invited, and then only at your own risk. If you have even a modicum of hesitation, DO NOT buy this bottle. Instead, leave it for a Worthy soul who has already matriculated to the sublime ecstasy of what those in the know refer to as “Liquid Arrogance.”

bucket list beers 2

Dead Guy Ale – Rogue

On tap at the finest establishments is Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale. The premium on the price is worth it. Not quite as strong as Double bastard but this amber beer is exquisitely drinkable. Just don’t have too many, if you do, well side effects may include sick pub food, drunken improvisation on a karaoke machine, and finally calling your Dad to tell him what you really thought about his inability to be a loving individual.

bucket list beers 3

Tricerahops – Ninkasi

A double IPA (for the uninitiated IPA = Indian Pale Ale), this is another amber colored beer with a sweetish buttery malty taste. At an 8% ALC/VOL Tricerahops is one of my personal favorites, not overly strong it has a nice balance between fruit and hops in taste. It’s very drinkable however you are advised NOT to drink it whilst playing poker you’ll get pissed and your so called friends will take the piss – and all your money (note to self – FFS stop, stick to fruit juice!!!)

bucket list beers 4

Black Butte Porter/Obsidian Stout- Deschutes

These beers are darker, stronger and relatively easy to find. Either is a good mid-range choice for someone expanding their brewholic horizons. Piss fans will moan about extreme flavors, but hey, YOU came to MY article for advice, not validation of your basic beer choices. Sup through a couple and I guarantee your body will experience a new found power – total incompetence. Definitely more bang for the buck in the APV stakes.

bucket list beers 5

Skull Splitter- Orkney

Often buying imports from Europe seems unfair to the drinker. you pay more to support a non local company and all for a strange unfamiliar beer that may or may not put you off experimentation entirely.

However this is a prized beer in discerning circles. For an import to leave such an impression on American beer drinkers is an achievement, though this is the only Scotch Ale I’ve known to do it. Scotch Ales are my favorite to pair with whiskey and pub food, they just go together like nacho’s and cheese. I have noticed additional numbers of Scotch Ales on the market that I have not tried before. Comment if you have a fave that I should try.

bucket list beers 5

Superbad- Gigantic

This is one I’ve known only by its brilliant label design and rad name. My cousin who is “too cheap for fancy beers” tried this despite a lifetime as a ‘pissdrinker’ He informed me that this packs a wallop of a punch and didn’t put him off taste wise. It’s a stout from those super brewers in Portland, so if you fancy a pop culture referenced beer then absolutely try this one

Follow up: After a heated discussion with my agent about my expenses I can confirm the following.. SUPERBAD is definitely for the righteous man

bucket list beers 6

Blueberry Ale- Kennebunkport Brewing Co.

My initial reaction to fruit and beer is frequently a negative one, though there are some that do the trick nicely. While winters darker fares skip the fruit altogether, spring and summer’s lighter ales bring citrus more often than not, and autumn brings us pumpkin spice everything- this Blueberry Ale was a fresh idea and excellent in execution. I had never heard of KBC prior to trying this, and will be happily researching the rest of their line soon. This blue meanie goes down too easy, and is good for an all-nighter on the porch. Best served by the love of your life, and pairs well with clementines apparently.

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So. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to add these fine beverages to your bucket list and try them ALL. Not all at once of course otherwise you might wake up with one eyebrow shaved off, bleach blonde hair and your nose pierced – Damn I need some new friends!