To paraphrase the Kingsman movie: “Testosterone maketh man“.

Not only might low testosterone make you feel like less of a man, it can also be a warning sign of worse things to come like mental or physical health issues.

Read below for the 4 most common signs of low T.

1. Low Libido


Testosterone fuels your libido, so a clear tell of low testosterone is low sex drive. If you’re under 50 and don’t wake up with morning wood regularly, take warning.

Since testosterone is mostly produced during REM sleep, low quality sleep leeds to low testorone, causing your soldier not to salute in the morning.

2. No Desire to Get Out There



The desire to conquer is hard-coded into man’s hardware. Luckily we no longer eradicate other tribes and take the women and children hostage. In modern times, we’ve replaced said desire with competition in sports or business environments.

Don’t feel like getting out there and seize the day? You might be lacking testosterone.
Actively avoiding debate or conflict? This is a common sign of low T.

The quick fix is simple but not easy. Just stand your ground, the human mind has actually evolved to act as a positive loopback system. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, go back to the gym, and get out there, you’ll notice you’ll actually get your desire for competition back that way.

3. Being a Whiny Little Bitch


Do you feel irritable and emotional, thinking you might start crying for no reason? You guessed it, low T, or maybe even worse, high estrogen on top of that.

Men have some estrogen by nature, a lot less than women though, but when it gets too high you might start acting a bit off.

Some foods and drinks contain estrogen mimicking compounds which hurt your hormonal balance making you act, well, a bit different.

When your friends start calling you out for being a little bitch, don’t just get offended and see it as a warning sign your hormonal balance might be suboptimal.

4. Lack of Self-esteem


This is perhaps the most important one of the 4 signs, because lack of self-esteem might roll over into other areas putting you into a vicious circle of decreasing mental and physical health.

Just like low competition desire, you can fix it quickly by acting the part. Dress proper, even if you work from home or you’re having a day off, stand tall with your shoulders back and don’t shy away from looking people in the eyes.

You’ll magically start feeling more confident again, ready to take on everything that comes your way.



You now know some clear signs of low testosterone you can look out for with some quick fixes.

Don’t take it too literally, of course there might be some legimate reason to feel down, like mourning the loss of someone close to you, but if you’re feeling emotional without a clear reason, there might be some things you need to lack it.

And yes, we know some guys just have less testosterone and we’re not claiming there’s anything wrong with that. But it might be problematic if you as an individual have your testosterone falling off a cliff. As we said, it might be a sign of worse to come in mental and physical issues.

In the end, you can fix a lot by behaviour, push yourself forward, your body and brain will automatically adjust and you’ll start feeling more and more confident (again). We all need the proverbial kick in the booty now and then.

Now get out there and win!