The 3 secrets of success every man should know and remember

If you ask any successful man how they got where they are, most of them will tell you that it was through hard work, determination, and persistence. Most of us know what they are, they are taught to us by our parents as life lessons. But they are so easy to forget. There isn’t a magic pill or push button method that makes a person successful, it just comes down to these 3 things. They are the common success traits that all successful men and women keep in mind and live by.

It’s got nothing to do with luck (we make our own) but it’s got everything to do with attitude. We’re all self-made.

“The harder I work the luckier I get.”

Samuel Goldwyn

And never a truer word was spoken. So, here are the 3 secrets of success every man should know – And remember!

secret of success - determination

You Are In Charge of Your Life

Financial success comes from within. You have to look inside yourself and figure out what you’re good at. For example, you may be an excellent salesperson or administrator. Instead of being mad at your boss for not giving you a raise, ask yourself how you can use your skills to increase your net worth. Take charge of your life and decide that you want more. Be prepared to do what it takes to achieve your goals. That’s called determination.

1 of the 3 secrets of success

Go the Extra Mile

Making more money requires hard work. You need to find a niche that will allow you to use your skills and expertise to earn more. Observe the market and do your research. The answers may not come to you immediately, so be patient. Look at existing businesses; is there a gap that you can fill? You can also seek the advice of other entrepreneurs. Expand your network and get to know more people that may help you in your business.

The most important thing is to “Do the Work” don’t just pay lip service and say you’re going to. Actually do it! You’ll be amazed at the results you get if you go the extra mile.

Another of the 3 secrets of success

Don’t Give Up

As you begin your journey towards success, be prepared for disappointment. You should be ready for numerous rejections and tough times. However, as long as you have a plan, keep pushing and moving forward. If the sales are low today, look at what you did wrong and improve for better results tomorrow. You have to be persistent in the pursuit of your goals.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill
success comes from developing the strength to keep going

The journey to success is full of ups and downs, but worth it in the end. It doesn’t matter whether it will take you 1 or 10 years to get your big break, as long as you maintain a positive attitude, you will get there eventually.


Success if a habit and if you practice it you’ll keep it. Finally, surround yourself with people that uplift and encourage you to go after your goals. You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.

Let’s finish off with some wisdom from the late Steve Jobs. If anyone knew the 3 secrets of success, he did…

The 3 secrets of success every man should know