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    How to Bust Belly Fat: Dos and Don’ts for Dudes, Part Two

    get rid of belly fat

    How to Bust Belly Fat: Dos and Don’ts for Dudes, Part Two You’ve been waiting forever for part two, and the worst part is that you haven’t even picked up a barbell yet. If you’ve been sticking to your guns and eating right though, you’ve probably seen a pound or two come off the scale. […] More

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    How to Talk to Women You Don’t Know

    how to talk to women

    You might have seen that recent article about how to talk to women who are wearing headphones. Even if you haven’t seen the article, you might have seen reactions to it, because plenty of female writers have come out to condemn the advice. To summarize, the advice is basically ‘pick a woman in public, persuade […] More

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    When Science Fiction Becomes Reality

    when science fiction becomes reality

    At its worst, science fiction reads like the desperate escapism of lonely boys whose only connection to high school sport was having their head slammed into a locker each morning by members of the football team. It reaches for wild, fantastic landscapes where heroic spacemen wearing glasses and a retainer zap cowering underlings in helmets […] More

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    Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

    There’s a common misconception that I’m going to help clear up right now, which is that girls don’t like nice guys, and nice guys need to change into not-nice guys to get laid. Being a nice guy will supposedly see you get left behind in the dust, while the woman you like runs away with […] More

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    How to Bust Belly Fat: Dos and Don’ts for Dudes, Part One

    belly fat

    Whether you just want to look good for that 30 seconds after you take off your clothes and before you fall into bed, or you want to outdo the bros at the beach, having a spare tire hanging around your waist isn’t going to help. Belly fat isn’t particularly healthy either, and if you’ve got […] More

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    Top 7 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know

    Top 7 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know More than three million people in the US now identify themselves as ‘preppers’, also known as ‘survivalists’. A series on National Geographic trained a spotlight on their world – handgun practice after school, pantries stocked with enough dry and canned goods to feed a cruise ship, and […] More

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    The Hot Girl Paradox

    hot girl paradox

    The hot girl paradox There’s a school of thought among a lot of men – especially those who feel somewhat thwarted in love – that ‘hot girls’ are a species all of their own, and that they’re a hostile species at that. The hot girl, they think, must have it easy. She gets to choose […] More

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    Your 9 Essential Summer BBQ Gadgets

    barbecue gadgets

    There used to be a time when a man’s backyard barbecue reputation was based on how high the flames reached and how deep the char penetrated the meat’s raw center. Those days are gone. Lost too is the time when grilling meant just hot dogs, burgers and perhaps a steak, with green relish as the […] More

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