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    The Untold Story of the Pepsi-Cola Sign in NYC

    Pepsi cola sign in NYC

    “Coke vs. Pepsi” is the ultimate get-to-know-you question, one of the few debates with no middle ground. Yet, few know that this “soda war” has a history as rich and varied as the flavors each company offers. For instance, in New York’s Long Island City stands a glimmering relic of a time when Pepsi was […]

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    4 Reasons to Look Forward to Self Driving Cars

    self driving cars

    There’s no getting away from it now self driving cars are going to be in our future. If you live in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom then you’re probably already used to seeing Google’s self driving car navigating itself around the city. For most of us though they still seem like science fiction, they’re […]

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    5 Of The Weirdest Sports In The World

    worlds weirdest sports

    First, thanks to Brett Sayles from Pexels for the image that opens this article When we talk about sports, the first word that usually comes to mind is football. After that, maybe cricket if you’re in the UK, or if you’re in the U.S, baseball …It’s usually our favorite sport that springs to mind first. […]

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    Top 10 Dirtiest Jobs In The World

    top 10 dirtiest jobs in the world

    Almost all of us hate our jobs. We have this strange perception that we have one of the most boring, repetitive, mind-numbing, and worst jobs in the world. I’m not saying that your job’s the best in the world, but going through the internet, I found a few positions that I didn’t even know could […]

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