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    The Basics of the Ketogenic Diet

    ketogenic diet

    The ketogenic diet has been increasing in popularity, and with all the chatter about its variety of benefits, it’s not hard to see why. Dieters rave about weight loss and a plethora of other benefits online. Physicians recommend keto to their patients as part of a management plan for all kinds of illnesses, including obesity, […]

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    Dressing sharp with classic mens style

    classic mens style

    When we’re talking about the classic mens style, it’s this in a nutshell “Every girls crazy about a sharp dressed man,” thank you ZZ Top, never was a truer word or song lyric in this case,spoken. But I gotta tell ya, thinking about what to wear everyday is damn hard work. There is a way […]

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    Electric Cars – What’s Their Future?

    electric cars

    Image Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels Let’s go in parts… An electric car is a vehicle driven only by an electric-powered engine. It depends entirely on batteries, and its autonomy is limited by them. Although there are other variants that combine the batteries and electric motor with another combustion engine (diesel or gasoline) which makes […]

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