weird coincidences

In the image above is the car that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was in when he was assassinated, sparking the start of the first world war.

The number plate of his car read:

very weird coincidence - how did that happen

That’s not just one of those weird coincidences that surely can’t seem to be real, this one is damn right spooky. We are totally amazed at the shear number of weird coincidences there are in this world. This one left us all with a chill and there are plenty more where that one came from. And we’re going to bring them to you here.

Perhaps he should have worn a bullet proof suit! Yes they do exist and you can buy one should need arise. You can check that out here – but first watch the video below

There are some weird coincidences in this world that just can’t be explained leading you to say WTF!

In the video below there are 15 more for you to get your head around. I can’t explain them, I don’t think anyone can, but they are real and they happened. And the one with Enzo Ferrari, well, you tell me!

If you know of any others let us know in a comment below and we’ll feature it here.

In the meantime all I can say is that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction – WTF !