Top 7 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know

A light-hearted look at the skills every man should know before the SHTF

Build a Fire

You’ve secured your perimeter, skinned a bear, and made a jerkin out of its pelt that really highlights your guns. Now’s the time to invite the neighbors round for a barbecue. But keeping them waiting while you fumble with your bow drill will only exacerbate the tension, especially in the absence of beer. Make a fire by throwing a spark onto nachos, or burning your children’s crayons. They won’t be needing them anyway. Key to fire-starting is patience. Even Les Stroud struggles most of the time, and he’s Survivorman. Look, you know what. Just buy a pack of disposables from the gas station next time you fill up. They’re less than a dollar.

Written by Nick Marshall

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