Top 7 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know

A light-hearted look at the skills every man should know before the SHTF

Protecting your family, your freedoms… and the American way of life

Remember Michael Douglas in Falling Down? He’s in all of us, especially after three days without food or ESPN. If you’re a hardened prepper, the moment you get to walk into your big room full of guns and toss weaponry to waiting family members is what you’ve been waiting for. But if you’ve never taken another life, this is the point at which you’ll have to ‘sack up’ fast. Start out with something familiar like a baseball bat or chainsaw and… well, have fun with it. Remember that for zombies, you must destroy the brains. For bankers, the designer watch. A word of warning, however. Unless you’re in Chester, England, where a person is still permitted to shoot a Welshman with a bow and arrow within the city walls after midnight, you’re probably breaking the law. If in any doubt, check first with your family lawyer that society has disintegrated into full anarchy.

Written by Nick Marshall

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