Top 7 Survival Skills Every Man Should Know

A light-hearted look at the skills every man should know before the SHTF

Securing Food

Your first reaction after a cataclysmic global collapse might be to phone out for a pizza, but can you really trust the delivery boy? And how much do you tip a flesh-eating zombie? Your first step should be to try your local supermarket. These typically hold enough food to last six days, so there should be some great deals. Luckily, your body can survive three weeks without food, by coincidence the same amount of time you’d need for a really thorough tour of Great Britain. Beyond that, you’ll need to learn how to hunt, fish, or at least open a can by rubbing it vigorously on a sidewalk until the seam breaks. There’s no need to go all Bear Grylls, though, and start chewing everything with a pulse. You got through college on ramen, so you can get through the apocalypse. Plus you’ll be saving money.

Written by Nick Marshall

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