Jetson One

The Jetson ONE an all electric personal vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

It looks, and seems to fly like a drone you’d buy off of Amazon – just bigger. Of all the personal vehicles we’ve seen for the future (there’s a video of 12 of the more exotic types below), the Jeston ONE is the one that offers a glimpse into what’s actually possible now.

Watch this, and try not to drool on the carpet!

And you can actually buy a Jetson ONE. The cost for a complete vehicle is a cool $92,000. It comes in kit form with half of it already built, then you complete the build from the kit at home.

The chassis is an all aluminium space frame. The 8 motors for this amazing vehicle are high powered electric brushless out runner motors, which are powered by a high discharge lithium-ion battery.

You get a flight time of around 20 minutes and the top speed is limited to 63mph (102kph). But when you can get to where you’re going in a straight line, as the crow flies, for now, that’s fast enough. No doubt this will be improved upon, and we can’t wait to see where the design and specs of this little beauty goes.

If you want one you have to order well in advance and be patient, as their entire 2022 allotted vehicle production is already sold out.

Get yourself a bullet proof suit (yes, they’re real – here’s where you can buy one), and you can go fully James Bond on the world.


Now, I don’t know about you, but everyone here wants a Jetson one. But then maybe you fancy something a bit more, out their! Check these out over on YouTube here:

We had another glimpse into the future of personal transportation a couple of years ago, with our personal hover board cover, but this is simply amazing.