keysmart the perfect gift for him

Here’s a great gift idea if you’re struggling to find something for yourself, family member or friend, the keysmart key holder. And it’s freakin cool too.

How cool?

Suffice to say I have one and I love it. And maybe we should add it to the top 10 manly gadgets. Well, you can judge for yourself.

You know what it’s like carrying a bunch of keys in your pocket, they give your jeans that bulge in the front, that says to every woman who looks (and they do) “you’re pleased to see me.” And that’s all well and good but on closer inspection, it could be a disappointment for her.

Add to that the jingling they make when you walk, and that they could stab in the nuts when you sit down, it’s clear an alternative solution to the potential of serious injury to the family jewels is required…

Enter the KeySmart – This is the smartest key holder on the market today.

And it comes with bags of customization options, and in a range of prices starting under $20/£16. Starting with the “original” which is the first compact key holder, it makes carrying your keys comfortable convenient and safe. From the KeySmart original there’s the:

Leather – Gives you the look and feel of luxury
Rugged – Strong and durable, it comes with a pocket clip and a bottle opener
Limited editions – These go really fast, so get in quick.
The Pro – The smartest key holder in the world


Easy to assemble and expandable, plus you can add accessories to make your own customized multi-tool. You can see them under the accessories tab on the website here.

KeySmart Pro

With the Pro, you’ll never lose your keys again it comes with the Tile Smart Location system built in. And you get a bright LED, so on those nights when you’ve had a few sherbets and you’re little worse for wear, you’ll get your key in the hole in one go, without waking up the whole neighborhood. And there’s a bottle opener for you to use to have just one more beer for the road before you head off to bed to sleep it off.

The KeySmart is a great gift if you’re stuck on what to buy, and it’s highly recommended. Check it out right here.