Jason Statham's workout regime

Although it may not seem like it, the all-action superstar Jason Statham is already 50 years old. And yes, he is still in better shape than most of us.

He has always loved sports, the training, and the competition and he’s talked about it in his numerous interviews. His experience as a member of the British National Swimming Team for twelve years has given him a love for competition. And his time the army, becoming part of the parachute regiment, before starting his career as an actor, has given him the discipline it takes to get a body like his.

And damn he looks good, in the video below you’ll see clips of films he’s starred in over the years and the shape he’s stayed in. If anything he’s got better as he’s got older. You have to take your hat off to him for that. And if you’re thinking it’s time to don the spandex and finally use that annual gym membership you took out on January 1st, to at least attempt to look good for the ladies, here’s what he does

And it’s nothing fancy just:

  • A flawless training regime
  • A diet plan that cuts out the bad food

Jason Statham’s Workout Regime Secrets.

Never repeat the same training: It is practically impossible to follow a training regime and not repeat the exercises. How can you not repeat the same training program? Just keep rotating between exercises on a daily or weekly basis. That’s an invaluable tip by Jason. in all honesty, it stops your workouts from becoming boring.

For us mere mortals always keep track of progress: As you go through workouts record what weight you used, how many reps you did or how long went for before maxing out (or throwing up – whichever comes first). With the variety of the exercises, you’ll be doing you’ll get faster, fitter, and stronger really quickly and it’s nice to see your progress on a chart of some kind.

Jason’s training itself is relatively simple. It consists of a total 10 minute warm-up in rowing, followed by another ten minutes of a medium intensity exercise. In the remaining ten minutes, the actor varies between compound movements such as squats and the deadlift at 5 repetitions, a circuit with light weights, and varied exercises with a kettlebell.

In the second part of the training, Statham adds “static exercise circuits.” This is where you perform an exercise and maintain a certain position within that exercise for a predetermined period of time. For example, when doing a squat, you can maintain the position of half a squat, maintaining tension in the muscle. This gives an intense isometric contraction and boy, you’ll feel that one!


This is followed by HIIT training (High-Intensity Interval Training).

For HIIT to work, we have to push our heart rates up (85% of our maximum pulsations) for short periods of time, combined with short periods of rest. It can be done at 1:1 or 2:1 interval, according to your physical limits.

HIIT training is perfect for us as we get older, it protects older joints and as you’re not working out as long you’ll be able to keep good form in the exercises and lessen the risk of injury.

Eat like Jason Statham

Of course, no training regime is going to get you ripped like Jason if we do not eat properly. And as you saw in the video, Jason does not opt for any faddy diets. He sticks to a basic and common sense approach to healthy eating. No refined sugars or foods with a high glycemic index, such as sweets, honey, etc. He also avoids flour. This means that bread and pasta are completely out of his nutrition. You’ve got to bust that belly fat dude

And like taking notes during all the workouts he does, he does exactly the same with his diet: write down everything he eats, up to the amount of water. In fact, Jason usually drinks a lot of water: about three liters a day, in order to stay properly hydrated and satiated.

Depending what he’s training for, he’ll also strictly monitor the number of calories he eats per day. He’ll often divide the calorie limit into 6 small meals, which he eats at regular intervals throughout the day. He also compliments his diet with some protein shakes after training.

So, I guess, that means, we’ve done all the hard work now that we know how Jason trains. Only the easy part remains now guys. Like Jason would say in his cockney accent, “get your ars** to the gym.”

Here’s another of Jason Statham’s workout regime. The man sure like variety.