How to build a wind turbine



Generator and AC/DC (not the band)

The generator is what turns motion into actual electricity. As such, it makes an integral part of the setup. Whilst some people build their own generators, if you are new to this you might want to purchase one. If you plan on using an AC generator (which is what appliances use) do keep in mind you might not be able to generate an electric field that is strong enough. If you plan on using a DC generator, you’ll need to factor in an inverter to produce AC.

Blades so good you can shave with

Blades need to take into consideration the design of the wind turbine, paying special attention to both size and pitch. The blades can either be bought ready-made from a store or be carved out of wood or cut from PVC pipe. If doing them yourself, ensure that the overall configuration works for the kind of setup you have. After all, the blades are what is going to make the whole thing work.

Written by Ryan F Perez

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