The amazing flying hovercraft

A flying hovercraft, wait, what? Yes, this one is amazing. We present to you the 19XRW-Hoverwing.

flying hovercraft
This is so cool!

James Bond eat your heart out, this one we can all own. It’s not overly cheap though at $190k so it falls into the realm of a rich boys toy, but if you’re looking for something that’s seriously cool then you could, I suppose, get it on finance.

It’s designed to be a hovercraft and the manufacturers, Universal Hovercraft advertise it for recreational, commercial, industrial and even for military uses.

This thing is just too cool for school…

It’s a Flying Hovercraft So No Pilots License Required.

You can own it, skim over the waves like a traditional hovercraft or fly above them. So if the water starts to get a bit choppy just take off. With a flying speed of over 75mph and up to an altitude of 20+ feet anything in your way isn’t going to be a problem, you just fly over it. And as it’s registered as a boat you don’t need a pilot’s license to operate it.

So what else do you get when you buy one?

  • Amazing Aerodynamics and noise reduction – So you and your passengers can float, fly and chat till your heart’s content.
  • It’s convertible – You can take the wings off in 10 minutes and turn it into a sleek and sporty high-performance hovercraft capable of carrying 4 to 6 passengers.
  • Hard Core Construction – Your flying hovercraft isn’t made from anything as common as wood or fiberglass. It’s made from impact-resistant Kevlar and carbon fiber that covers a core of foam. It’s designed to withstand extreme heat and cold and has a level of positive floatation that makes it un-sinkable.
  • Climate Control – As you and your passengers will be fully enclosed in a beautifully appointed cabin, you can control the temperature inside with built-in climate control.
  • First Class All The way – Like a Rolls Royce or a Bentley you the customer can have the interior tailored to your own taste. Every craft is custom built and there are options for audio systems, GPS and radar course-plotting as well as DVD players. All of the highest quality for the discerning customer who’s looking for a one of a kind.

Your training to operate your new wonder machine is free of charge and you’ll come away with a level 1 operator qualification. There is some advanced training available at an extra cost.

All in all this wonderful flying hovercraft is an amazing gadget and is up there with a personal submarine. Here are 10 gadgets that are more in our price range and ones you really should own.


If you know of any other dream gadgets we mortal men would love to have let us know.