Essential Men’s Fashion Pieces for 2019

It’s that time of year again when you need to take a look at what you’ve got to wear ready for the cold months, so here are some essential men’s fashion pieces for 2019.

Winter weather requires you to wear something warm, at least unless you’re one of those tough open water swimmers who likes to swim in the frozen water in your birthday suit. Polar bears? Thank you, next to that.

Jokes aside, winter can be a tough time for your wardrobe. While layering a stack of white t-shirts and a puffer jacket you got nine years ago might keep you warm, it won’t exactly make you look like a man about town.

Never fear – your winter fashion expert is here. Keep reading to learn more about a few essential pieces you can build your whole cold-weather wardrobe around.

Camel is Cool

It used to be that only bankers and boring bros wore camel. Well, times change, buster. Today, camel is ultra-cool, and even broke baristas and hipsters who spend all their money on re-issues of Flock of Seagulls cassette tapes are wearing it. Not that you really want to look like them either.

How can you wear camel? The classic option is an overcoat. It’ll work with anything and go from office to bar seamlessly. If you live in a warmer climate, a two-button sport coat is an exceptional choice.

Feeling really bold? Try a double-breasted camel jacket. Believe it or not, double-breasted suits and jackets are back for men that like to dress classy. They have been for a while, actually.

Essential Men’s Fashion Pieces for 2019

Leather is Better

Better than what? Yeah, I don’t know. Does it really matter?

The fact is that a leather jacket can take you from mild-mannered milk dud to Steve McQueen lookalike in five seconds flat. Not bad, right?

When you’re looking for a leather jacket this year, go for something sleek and form-fitting. Brands like Bugatchi are doing it right.

What should you avoid?

Leather jackets that make you look like Paul Newman at the start of the 1980s. We all love you Paul, but that wasn’t your best look brother.

Say Hey to Distressed Denim

Fashion doesn’t always make sense. Wearing torn denim jeans when it’s cold as hell outside certainly doesn’t. But that’s what the kids are doing. Even the designers are sending their waifs down the runway in ‘em.

Don’t want to wear clothes full of holes when it’s ten degrees below zero? I can dig it, my man.

Opt for denim with a patchwork look instead. These jeans will look worn in, but you won’t have to soak in the tub for an hour just to find your testicles again when you get home.

Best of both worlds?

Buy Brown Boots

Big brown boots beat black boots before brunch. Wait, uh, that doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I went too far trying to make that first sentence out of all B words.

What I meant to say is that brown boots are totally popular right now, and unlike black boots that show tons of scuffs and signs of wear quickly, brown is nearly impervious to damage if you buy something rugged. Heck, worn brown boots are actually going to look better than when you bought them.

What can you wear them with? Haven’t you been reading this damn article? NO?

Okay then. Try them with a camel jacket and a pair of distressed blue jeans. You got a stew brewin’ now.

Ditch The Puffy Vest!

So far I’ve told you a few ways to look like a fashion-savvy guy this winter. Now, I’m going to tell you one that you should try to avoid this year. The puffy vest.

You might think your puffy insulated vest makes you look like a world-traveling jet-setter than can slalom ski like an Olympic champ. Unfortunately, it does not. Instead, it just looks like you need to update your style. Save that puffy vest when you’re actually in a mountain lodge or tearing ass down the ski slopes.

Jeez, what a spectacular Essential Men’s Fashion Pieces for 2019 advice column! Still not sure what to wear? I hear ya. I’m enjoying a lot of stuff from Bugatchi right now, so if you’re ready to do some shopping, their offerings are a good place to start.