amazon echo can do some very cool things

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As the world becomes more and more tech-oriented, technology can be used to do some amazing things. By now, almost everyone has heard of the smart speaker Amazon Echo, called Echo or Alexa for short. You may have seen videos of people asking Alexa to do silly things like tell jokes or fake a countdown to self-destruct, but there are many other things the Echo can do that are actually useful. This voice-controlled personal assistant can perform a wide range of tasks.

The Alexa uses conversational AI to answer you and carry out instructions in response to your questions. So although you can’t have a full-blown conversation (Yet!) you can ask it to do some amazing and cool things.

Here is a list of cool things your Amazon Echo can do for you.

amazon echo plays your favorite music


Amazon Echo can stream your favorite tunes. It’s compatible with Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and many other streaming music services. You can link it with multiple services to have access to a wide range of music and custom playlists. You can also use it to control your smart TV, asking it to turn the TV on or off from across the room or even change the channels.

Around the House

If you have smart lights or smart shades, your Amazon Echo can turn those on and off with a simple “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” or “Alexa, close the blinds.” You can even set your Echo to match your daily routines, so as you walk in the front door, it will automatically play a song, turn on the lights, or launch the TV. Another great feature is the help you can get in the kitchen. Your Echo can find recipes, help with conversions and measurements, and even set timers!

amazon echo is your home security watch dog

Home Security


Another amazing feature of the Amazon Echo is Alexa Guard. In this mode you can activate it by saying “Alexa, I’m leaving.” With its built-in mics, it will listen for anything strange. If the mics pick up any unusual noises, it will send a notification to you for further action. While it will not take the place of a traditional home security system and will not call 911 for you, it can be helpful, allowing you to take action to keep your home safe from a potential intruder.

Calling and Messaging

You can sync your contacts with Amazon Echo to make calls, send messages, or video chat. There is also a voice recognition setting that you can use so your toddler doesn’t call grandma 20 times a day, or to prevent your teenager from racking up your credit card bill with unauthorized Amazon purchases.


Do you have a Fitbit or other fitness tracker? Great! Your Echo can help you keep up with your progress by checking your stats. It can encourage healthy habits too, by getting nutritional information on foods, or suggesting a workout. The Amazon Echo can also keep track of your fitness goals, diet, and water intake.

amazon echo is a turn your home into a smart home

With everyone’s daily lives getting busier, or days seeming to get shorter, Amazon Echo can simplify many aspects of your everyday life. Whether you need entertainment, help around the home, easier communication, or a boost to reach your health goals, ask Alexa.

Artificial intelligence with varying degrees of sophistication is the future, there’s no getting away from it. Just think Star Trek computer and you’ll get the idea of where things are heading. And as the Amazon Echo gets more “intelligent” it’ll be able to do more for you. Right now it’s a fun tool, but soon these devices will be completely integrated into our homes. They’ll even be able to keep you company in your car (it’s already happening!) here’s how