beard grooming tips - how to groom your beard this winter

Growing a beard needs a one-time effort but grooming your beard style is a full-time job. When you already have a great beard, the only thing you need to do so groom it. Now, grooming a beard includes various items such as shampooing, conditioning, oiling, and combing your facial hair from time to time. However, beard grooming depends on several factors, amongst which season plays an essential part. Taking care of your beard every season is necessary because, in various seasons, your facial hair will struggle with the changing environment. While in summer, a beard protects you from harmful UV rays, simultaneously in winter, it protects your skin from the chilly winds. Here, we will discuss some tips to groom your beard this winter.

With the coming winters, your facial hair becomes dry and dull because of the harsh winds. Not only this, but your beard becomes more prone to split ends and beard dandruff. When this happens, the skin beneath your facial hair also gets affected. Let us move on to some handy tips to stop your beard from getting dry and protect it this winter. By following these guides, you can maintain a neat-looking beard even in cool temperatures.

Mentioned below are some beard grooming tips to follow this winter:

Take a cool shower

The primary thing you can do to protect your beard in winter is to change your daily beard care routine. It is always beneficial to moisturize in winter, but you need to do it correctly. It is not a big surprise that everyone takes a hot shower in winter, but those hot showers do not do any good for your facial hair. When you take a hot water bath in winter, it does so much good to your body, but it strips off your beard’s natural oil, which makes your facial hair brittle and dry along with the skin below it. Even after you need a hot shower, you shouldn’t keep your facial hair under hot water for a more extended period.

Use beard shampoo

You might be using the shampoo you use for your hair on the head, but your facial hair and head hair are not similar. It would help if you used a shampoo, which is specifically designed for your beard. The head hair shampoo is crafted to strip off sebum oil from your skin to make your hair stick together and look greasy. The beard-specific shampoo does not contain any harsh chemicals and is crafted to go with the natural oil present in your facial hair. However, it would be best if you chose a beard shampoo that contains organic ingredients. You can also make beard shampoo at home using natural ingredients.

Avoid blow-drying

Although blow drying is not entirely restricted to your facial hair as long as you do it correctly. To blow-dry your beard in the right way, you need to choose the most relaxed setting. After a shower, pat dry your beard with a soft towel and try to dry it out naturally. Now, apply a few drops of beard oil to prevent damage. Take out your handy blow dryer and dry out your facial hair in the most relaxed setting. Ensure that you put the dry at least six inches away from your face and comb your beard after you are done with blow-drying.

Use mustache wax

When you concentrate on your beard, you may forget about the facial hair on your lips, i.e., mustache. Your mustache also needs some attention. Use a good quality mustache wax to make your mustache look attractive. The ingredients found in mustache wax contain jojoba oil and beeswax, which help your facial hair healthy and prevent it from being harsh.

Use beard oil

Beard oil is the best product when it comes to moisturizing your facial hair every day. Among all the beard care products, beard oil is the only one you can use daily, even three to four times a day. The advantage of using beard oil is that it moisturizes the facial hair and the skin beneath it. To get maximum benefit, it is best to apply good quality beard oil after a shower before you completely dry out the facial hair. When your facial hair is a little bit wet, the beard oil will get absorbed by the facial hair properly. Hit two birds with one stone by getting pheromone-infused God of War Beard Oil from Grondyke.


Apply some beard balm

Beard balm is another product that provides moisture to your facial hair. However, it is slightly different from beard oil as beard oil comes in liquid form, while beard balm is a thicker cream that contains shea butter. Beard balm strictly acts as a beard oil by providing proper moisturizer to your facial hair.

Use the right comb

When you invest in good quality beard shampoo, beard oil, and beard balm, it becomes necessary to invest in a quality beard comb. A wooden comb is considered the best for a beard as it will lessen the damage and breakage of facial hair. But when you use a plastic comb for your facial hair, plastic will more likely weaken your facial hair.

how to groom a beard this winter

Use a straight razor to clean the edges

The facial hair will not grow in a single direction all the time; you can see some stray hairs coming out from your beard. To keep your beard neat and clean, you need to remove stray hairs from time to time. This practice will also train your facial hair to grow in the desired direction. When you choose a straight razor (the one which professional barbers use), you can get a close shave and a charming look. Also, using a good razor will prevent the razor bumps that usually occur in winter. So, invest your money in the right quality products.


Winters are horrible to handle as it damages your skin and beard. But when you follow and maintain a correct grooming routine, you can protect your facial hair and skin. The tips discussed above are some helpful tips that can prevent your beard from the harsh winter. Even if you are not satisfied by following the grooming routine at home all by yourself, you can go to the barber to get a neat and tidy look this winter.