Your phone is listening to you

Question – Have you ever had a conversation with your husband, wife or partner while you were alone in the house only to find you get an ad or video pop up on your phone promoting a product or offering more information on the very thing you were talking about?

There’s only one way for this to happen – Your phone is listening to you

It happening more and more these days…

With the new generation of cell phones and smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home device, there seems to be no escaping from these artificially intelligent devices listening and spying on your every move.

There’s no getting away from it, we’re living in a world where governments, big corporations, and retailers can find out about everything that you say and do and then put ads and info in front of you before you’ve thought about looking for it.

Think about this for a moment. Your phone is unique, it has it’s own identifying marks and numbers and is linked, whether your phone is in use or just sitting in your pocket, to every cell phone tower in it’s transmitting and receiving range, at all times.

It’s screaming (albeit silently) I’m here, here I am, use me, and it’s doing this all the time 24hrs a day every day. Plus every active app you have (Facebook for example) is tapping into that app’s servers (content and ad servers) via the towers your phone is connected to every few seconds. And you can’t switch it off.

That means that governments, Facebook, and any of the other active apps you have on your phone know where you are and what you’re doing. So could it be that your phone is listening to you and reporting your conversations as well?

Well, if you’ve ever had an ad or information pop up on your phone related to a conversation you where having, we think so, they have to be, otherwise, how do they know!

Here’s a great video with an interview with Edward Snowden talking about how your cell phone spies on you.

Now you know. Chances are right now it’s more of an inconvenience than something you should be overly concerned about. But as technology and artificial intelligence improve, the spy in your pocket might be telling governments, corporations, and the world more about you than you want it to know.

We’d love to know what you think.