Alien abduction in New Hampshire

An American couple who were abducted by aliens in 1961 spent the remainder of their lives convincing scientists that the event really happened. Despite skepticism at the time, experts now believe that there is proof that betty and barnet Hill’s reported alien abduction just might be the truth.

Betty and Barney Hill were driving from Canada to Portsmouth, New Hampshire on September 19, 1961. Just before midnight, they remembered seeing a strange spacecraft hovering over them. At first, they saw humanoid creatures staring at them from the craft. They were then forced to stop their car as these same creatures were blocking them. Their next recollection is that they were thirty-five minutes further along the road. Several hours of their journey had been completely erased from their memories.

Identical Reports Under Hypnosis

Alien abduction story under hypnosis

Under hypnosis, Betty and Barney were able to recall those missing hours and give consistent, identical reports about the events that took place, including descriptions of the aliens’ appearance as being skinny with gray skin and oversized bald heads. Betty was able to recall that she and her husband were taken into separate rooms and inspected by one of the aliens whom the Hills came to know as “The Examiner”. Betty was made to sit on a stool and have her eyes, ears, nose, and throat examined. After that, she was placed on a table, and a large needle was inserted into her navel. This caused enormous pain and “The Examiner” was forced to stop. Barney underwent a similar examination. Both husband and wife also reported that the aliens inspected their genitals.

About Betty and Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Hill lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Betty (1919-2004) was a social worker, with a degree from the University of New Hampshire, and Barney (1923-1969) was a postal worker. The couple was catapulted into the international spotlight when in September 1961 they claimed to have been abducted by aliens in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


Four Pieces of Evidence

There are four pieces of evidence that stand up to scrutiny. Confirmed UFO sightings in the area, a unique constellation map, an item of Betty’s clothing, and unusual marks on the car combine to make this a highly-convincing story.

Betty reported her encounter to the Pease Airforce Base. They informed her that there had been two UFO sightings in the area at the time her abduction had taken place. The following day, Major Paul Henderson rang to take an official report from the couple This was forwarded to Project Blue Book where the US government kept all reports of UFO sightings.

Under hypnosis, Betty was able to recall asking the humanoids which planet they had come from. She was shown an unusual star map which consisted of a unique pattern of dots, lines, and circles. Amazingly, the map’s viewpoint is from deep space looking back on our solar system. When Betty recreated this star map under regression, it was dismissed as mere fantasy. However, astronomers have since identified it as a pattern of sun-like stars centered around the double star Zeta Reticuli. David Saunders, a respected statistician, confirmed that such a map could not be created simply by chance.


For decades, Betty kept her torn dress as further evidence of their abduction. It was covered with a mysterious pink powder that could never be identified as a natural substance. The pink discoloration occurred in the spots where the aliens had touched the dress. The dress originally had an unusual smell, similar to marigolds, which is a smell that Betty reported as permeating the craft.

en abduction radiation scare

After a conversation with her sister, Betty became concerned about radiation and decided to inspect the car. The trunk of the Hill’s car had a dozen perfectly-circular, shiny spots. When Betty ran a compass over the spots, the needle spun wildly. No logical explanation has ever been given for these strange marks.

Reliable Witnesses

Betty and Barney were highly respected in their community. Betty was a social worker with a master’s degree. Barney received high praise for his work with the Civil Rights movement. The physical evidence provided, as well as the credibility of the couple themselves, make this one of the most convincing alien abduction encounters in history.

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