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About Us

Our mission at MensWorldHQ is to Inform, Entertain & Inspire Men Worldwide.

We write about male fitness, mindset, lifestyle, career, business, social, etc

MensWorldHQ was started in 2016 to celebrate men, manliness, masculinity and manly awesomeness across the world. Not because we think women aren’t equally awesome or because we don’t think you can pick and choose any unicorngender you want but only because there’s so little male spaces left.

MensWorldHQ is a place where man across the world can congregate. A safe space from safe spaces full of PC and woke BS. A place where men can be men, crack jokes and shoot the breeze.

MensWorldHQ contains 100% raw, pure, uncut manliness.

Welcome to Valhalla, young warrior. Population: 4 billion. Enjoy your stay.