Your 9 Essential Summer BBQ Gadgets

Man,Fire,Meat = BARBECUE!

sausage maker

Sausage Maker

At one end of the BBQ spectrum there are wrinkled, curled wieners that taste of desperation. At the other are sweet, spicy or herby pork sausages that snap and sizzle, releasing intoxicating aromas into the air. You’ll want to aim for the latter. If you can make your own burgers, you can graduate to sausages. A simple handle-turned sausage maker will funnel your pork and spice mix into a waiting sausage skin, giving you an end product that does justice to the grill. It might take a few test-runs, and you won’t really want to do this grill-side, but nothing beats turning a row of sausages that you made with your own hands.

Img Source: Homebutcher

We live in an age of kit. Kit for cycling, driving, fishing, running or even just watching TV. The outdoor grill is no exception. Fire up those coals, leave it to build with the cover down, and go get ready. There’s BBQ to master.


Written by Nick Marshall

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