Predictions for our future

Nostradamus, Isaac Asimov, Madame Blavatsky, and Arthur C Clake some of the most famous psychics, mediums and future visionaries who have predicted wonders and doom for our future. So, our future is going to be either absolutely amazing or a butt-clenching roller coaster ride of feast and famine, where we eventually get replaced by robots. The question is, which will it be?

So, let’s take a look into the crystal ball and look at what some of the smartest people on the planet today say what’s in store for us in the years to come. Will they be right? they seem to think so.

We’ve already taken a look at 5 ways your car will keep you company in the future. And now here are 12 predictions for our future that will amaze and scare the shit out of you.

Nanobot predictions for our future

Medical nanbots swimming around in your bloodstream preventing you from getting sick.

Sounds pretty good, and as they say prevention is better than cure. Call me old fashioned I’m not so sure that having tiny robots with minds of their own and capable of doing god knows what, doing the front crawl in my veins without me being able to switch them off is really a good idea. But as they’re not going to be ready until around 2030, according to the nanobot engineers, we don’t have to have that ethical argument for a while yet.

predictions for our future - asteroid strike

We’re all going to be annihilated by an asteroid in 862 years – Well maybe!

So, is this a prediction or just a possibility? Well, for an asteroid to completely wipe out all human life it would need to be about a mile long. According to NASA an asteroid of that size, named Asteroid (29075) 1950 DA discovered in February 1950 could do the trick if it hits us as it “potentially” approaches very close to Earth on March 16, 2880.

One thing is for sure none of us reading this now will know much about it as we’ll have been pushing up the daisies for a very long time by then. But our great, great, great, great, great-grandchildren might find the 6th March ends up being a pretty bad day!

predictions for our future - antibiotics

Disease prevention set back to the dark ages when antibiotics stop working altogether.

This is already starting to happen, here’s some evidence! And we’ve become so dependant on antibiotics that are going to be well and truly screwed if medical researchers don’t find an alternative almost immediately.

How bad would it be? well, imagine you get pneumonia and the doctors crowd around your hospital bed shaking their heads saying if antibiotics still worked you could walk out this afternoon, but we’re sorry there’s nothing we can do for you.

This is one of the predictions for our future we must avoid at all costs.

airplane windows - predictions for our future

Airplanes will be one big window.

No need to fight over the window seat in the future, the whole thing will be a window. Imagine the panoramic view of the ground, and the sky you’ll have as your hostess brings around the drinks trolley. If you’re a frequent flyer then the views will add another way to entertain yourself as a game of i-spy at 500 mph is much more challenging. But if you’re terrified of flying you’d be better off taking a boat.

cloned woolly mammoth

A real Jurassic park to take the kids to during the summer holidays

The idea of cloning dinosaurs and making a dinosaur zoo isn’t new, they’ve made films about it! And sure they’re just films but cloning technology is now becoming so advanced we might be able to clone a real-life (or back to life) Woolly Mammoth.

“Now the technical problems have been overcome, all we need is a good sample of soft tissue from a frozen mammoth,” Akira Iritani, a professor at Kyoto University

Now if you’ve watched the films you know what happens when the T-Rex gets lose, so the question is, yes we can, but should we?

predictions for our future - internet contact lens

Wearable technology – Access the internet via contact lenses

You’ve probably heard of Google glass, it’s that “old fashioned” idea that lets you get online via a pair of glasses. Now those next-gen tech guys at Samsung are trying to create contact lenses that will do the same. The engineers at Samsung have taken a standard off the shelf pair of contact lenses and “mounted a light-emitting diode on an off-the-shelf soft contact lens, using a material the researchers developed: a transparent, highly conductive, and stretchy mix of graphene and silver nanowires.”

This is not sci-fi, these lenses are real and in development right now. So, when someone asks you “have you’ve got something in your eye?”, you answer yes, then give them all the details about that phrase, who said first and when, in the blink of an eye, from Wikipedia.

virtual reality avatars

We’re going to live forever

Perhaps not physically but Ray Kurzweil, a Google engineering director, and futurist say that where we can’t preserve the body we could preserve someone’s memories and even create avatars of loved ones using virtual reality that are so realistic you’ll be able to interact as if they were really there. This is one of the predictions for our future, I’m sure you’ll agree, is one we’d love to see become real.

cancer detecting pills

Cancer detecting pills

This is another announcement made back in 2014 by those evil geniuses at Google’s X Lab. They are working on a pill that will send tiny particles into your blood that will be able to identify cancers and heart attacks long before they become a problem.

Not quite of the scale as the nanobots mentioned earlier, and we’d prefer a cure for cancer rather than early detection that you’ve got it. Having said that, something can diagnose these mortal diseases early will save lives. Yep, this is another good one.

smart dust predictions for our future

The really small big brother – smart dust that spies on your every move

These tiny dust size particles that are just too small for us to see, will have tiny sensors on them capable of recording every move you make and everything that happens in the world. The idea of “smart dust” came about in the 1990s. And Kris Pister a Berkeley computing professor told CNN in 2010 “It’s finally here”

Now if the idea of the powers that be knowing everything you do scarest the bejesus out of you, well we don’t think they are actually real? maybe they are? we don’t know for sure! And it’s been a while since they announced them (almost 20 years) so they could be real. But governments wouldn’t want to know everything we do, would they? Nah surely not!

If there was one reason for us men to vacuum more often then this is it – just to be sure!

pandemic predictions for our future

Terrorists creating their own pandemics

This one is truly terrifying. Imagine if terrorists had the ability to create their own diseases! In 2016 The Global Priorities Project came up with a list of potential future disasters that could wipe out 10% or more of us. And coming pretty close to the top was the threat that terrorists might be able to develop their own disease pandemic. If you’ve seen the film outbreak, fiction it may be, but you’ll have an idea of what a military pandemic could bring to our shores.

This is really scary as the report is now almost 4 years old and God only knows what they are capable of now, and what the brave boys in our security services have already prevented? We’ll never know, but if it’s true and they are going to be able to make these dirty bombs we need to be kicking their arses now – NO Mercy!

interplanetary internet

Google on Mars

I think by now we all know that men will be on Mars in the not to distant future anyway, especially if Ellon Musk and the chaps at SpaceX have any say in the matter. But imagine living on the red planet without being to take a selfie and posting it on Instagram for all your Earthling followers to see? Disaster!

Well, breathe easy interplanetary internet access Interplanetary internet has been on the cards since 1998. Maybe they’ll call it light-speed broadband? And I wonder how much the monthly fee for it would be, hmmm.

leave earth - predictions for our future

Exit Earth – In the next 100 years

I think this is a foregone conclusion with all the damage and climate change we’re doing to our planet. According to the late Stephen Hawking he believed we’ll need to leave our Earth and populate the stars in the next 100 years. If we don’t do everything we can to protect our planet for future generations now then our beautiful blue ball will die, and the only way we’ll be able to visit will be from somewhere else as the aliens.

Amazing, startling and in some cases scary, these 12 predictions for our future are just over the horizon – maybe, possibly, probably?