MensWorldHQ is offering guest post opportunities

Would you like to share your manly story, your advice or lessons in life in a guest post? Well, MensWorldHQ is always looking for high-quality fresh content to share with our readers.

MensWorldHQ is on a mission to be the #1 men’s lifestyle and entertainment men’s magazine website on the planet.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • High quality, well researched and well-written articles
  • Conversational/Humor/Comedy/Absurdist writing style is a must
  • Originality and a real passion for writing entertaining content
  • Ability to generate content with high viral potential and puts a smile on the MensWorldHQ audience

Please have a browse through our website and have a look at the categories, the articles, and importantly the style of writing we’re looking for.

We offer do-follow links (max. 2). We work with writers to produce unique and highly valuable content, that is relevant to our audience and that which benefits the guest post authors article goals.

Before submitting your article to us, please read our guidelines below carefully to ensure the best chance of being accepted.

Here are a few of our guidelines:

• We like our articles to be entertaining, relevant, humorous, informative, interesting, a little personal but not too personal, and positive. We want to entertain so our readers come back for more.

With that in mind, we like articles with original thoughts, arguments, and ideas. Please DO NOT submit articles that are essentially re-writes of already published content, they will not pass our editor’s inspection.

• Please make sure your article is between 800-1200 words; we’re looking for clear and concise articles that deliver a huge impact.

• Please limit the formatting of your article when submitting it. Plain text is preferred. Underline text, bold text, and italicized text isn’t needed. Our editors take care of that.

• Make your article interesting and easier to follow by including subheadings to break up content. We often use pagination and a subheading constitutes a page break.  Make sure to submit your article in paragraph format. Short paragraphs make the article easier to read. If you need an example, have a look at any article on our website and you will see how we like to format our content.

• Our formatting team usually chooses what image to put as the featured image of an article. However, if you want to submit a featured image with your article, please attach it to the email. We may or may not use the image you submit with the article, that will be up to our editors.

If you wish to supply images or videos to be included in your article, please make sure you have the rights and/or the correct permissions to use them. And include the image/video source when submitting your article.

• We recommend adding other internal links (no more than four) to existing articles on MensWorldHQ if and whenever possible.

• Our focus is to provide our readers with entertainment and advice. Please do not submit purely promotional articles, they will be rejected. Ideally, your article will entertain, offer ideas, advice, or solutions to issues of interest to our readers. We do allow you to provide 1-2 links within the body of the article to articles you have written for other websites/product pages/sales pages. The links will be reviewed and if the editors feel the links are not relevant or don’t belong, they do have the right to remove them. Links that you submit in your article are not guaranteed to be in there when we publish it.

If the editor feels there is a better article that should be linked, they will change it. Keep this in mind.

• Our readers want originality. We will not accept already published content. Whether it has been published on your own personal blog, social media platforms, or with another publication, we will not consider it.

• We do not accept articles submitted in PDF or HTML. Please submit articles in the body of the email or preferably in google docs. Google docs are the easiest and quickest way to have your article reviewed.

For SEO purposes please supply the keywords you are targeting, so we can send targeted traffic, targeted social media traffic and keyword targeted backlinks to your article.

Please make sure to read and understand our guidelines before submitting. If you don’t submit your article in the way that we have requested from the information above, we will ask you to resubmit it when it is up to our standards. This will save our editors and our contributors valuable time.

If you have read our guidelines and are ready to submit your article to MensWorldHQ then please send the following:

• Short paragraph for your author bio with your first and last name. We allow you to provide two links of your choice in your bio. It can be a link to your website and your eBook. It can be a link to your website and one social media page. It’s up to you. You get to choose what two links you think are most important to you.

• The completed final draft of your article with a unique working title. Remember, the title is the first thing that catches the reader’s eye. Be creative but also keep in mind that you want your title to be inviting.

Thank you and we look forward to publishing the best content online!

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