Do Women Really Want their Men to Have the Body of an Olympic Athlete?

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Throw us a completely unlikely candidate

Meanwhile, throw us a completely unlikely candidate – like the lawyers from Making a Murderer, for example – and we’re on fire from the waist down. Men just aren’t measured by the make-up of their parts, so you’ve got the luxury of being considered sexy for all kinds of other reasons.

Personally, I’m a woman who’s attracted to men, and I can honestly say that muscles play absolutely zero percentage of any part of my attractions to the men I’ve had the hots for. I’ve been attracted to short men, older men, younger men, weedy men, chunky men and, yes, men who work out a lot.

And in every case there was only one thing they all had in common (apart from the obvious) and that’s simply that they had a character I really liked.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good pair of arms, but it’s the man who makes me attracted to the muscles, not the muscles that make me attracted to the man. So many women feel the same that it makes us a little confused to see the fervor with which some men hit the gym, somehow linking their bicep size to their chances with women.

The message for men is a simple one: all that drooling over Olympians is just us enjoying the sunset, we’re not really looking for athletes in real life. Look after your body, because that’s important, but if we like you as a person then we honestly don’t care if you’ve got a 6-pack.

Written by Kate Rawdon

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