Paranoia or Preparedness – Should every man have a bug out bag?

bug out bag

If you’ve been watching the news of late you’ll know that there have been and are a few natural diasters going on around the world.

The wild fires in California
The bush fires in Australia
The flooding in the north of England

And throughout this year there have been other across the globe that have taken lives and ruined scores of others.

Then there’s the man made disasters, just look what’s happening in Hong Kong right now with the anti government protesters rioting in the street, which seems to have spilled out onto the streets of London as well, when protesters attacked Hong Kong’s justice secratery and the ever present threats from terrorism.

No wonder there’s been a up surge in interest for information about survivalism and disaster prepping.

bug out bag

But is this just paranoia or sensible preperation to cover yourself just in case mother nature or un civilised society tries to screw you over?

Written by Ryan F Perez

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