Electric Cars – What’s Their Future?

Are you thinking about moving to an electric car but do not know if it’s really worth it? We analyze electric cars in detail to figure out if it is worth buying. Take notes!

The price of an electric car and our verdict


One of the big obstacles is the high price of an electric car. It is true that we can find variety of benefits and prices, but they are generally more expensive than traditional cars.

For example, a Tesla Model S, one of the finest models in the market, costs around €148,500/$166,569.48. However, another more modest model, the Tesla Model 3 costs €33,000/$37,015 without applying subsidies and grants.

More traditional brands such as Renault, Opel or BMW have also launched their own electric cars on the market. The Renault ZOE can be purchased from €16,600/$17946 while the BMW i3 costs around €35,500/$39,819.

Our Verdict

With all that said and done, we truly believe that electric cars will overtake traditional ones in the near future. Their environmental impact, for us, is the most important reason behind this. Other than this, the changes in technology have already started reducing the number of disadvantages they carry, making them a more viable option with every passing day.

Written by Ryan F Perez

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