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  • amazon echo can do some very cool things

    Cool Things Your Amazon Echo Can Do for You

    Would you prefer to listen instead of reading – Here you go… As the world becomes more and more tech-oriented, technology can be used to do some amazing things. By now, almost everyone has heard of the smart speaker Amazon Echo, called Echo or Alexa for short. You may have seen videos of people asking […] More

  • The amazing flying hovercraft

    Flying HoverCraft – No Pilots License Required!

    A flying hovercraft, wait, what? Yes, this one is amazing. We present to you the 19XRW-Hoverwing. James Bond eat your heart out, this one we can all own. It’s not overly cheap though at $190k so it falls into the realm of a rich boys toy, but if you’re looking for something that’s seriously cool […] More

  • keysmart the perfect gift for him

    KeySmart – A great gift when you’re stuck on what to buy

    Here’s a great gift idea if you’re struggling to find something for yourself, family member or friend, the keysmart key holder. And it’s freakin cool too. How cool? Suffice to say I have one and I love it. And maybe we should add it to the top 10 manly gadgets. Well, you can judge for […] More

  • gadgets for men


    As kids, we all loved to play with toys, but as we grow up, we are expected to get rid of them. But we are not Andy (from Toy Story), are we? We don’t throw away our toys – we just get new ones. Fully grown men also love a toy or two in the […] More

  • barbecue gadgets

    Your 9 Essential Summer BBQ Gadgets

    There used to be a time when a man’s backyard barbecue reputation was based on how high the flames reached and how deep the char penetrated the meat’s raw center. Those days are gone. Lost too is the time when grilling meant just hot dogs, burgers and perhaps a steak, with green relish as the […] More