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  • car in the future

    5 Ways Your Car in the Future Will Keep You Company

    When you’re on a long journey of a few hundred miles, I’m sure you’ll agree, driving gets pretty boring. And if we know we’re going to be in a car for a few hours then most of us would take someone for the company, someone we like, who can hold an intelligent conversation and maybe […] More

  • self driving cars

    4 Reasons to Look Forward to Self Driving Cars

    There’s no getting away from it now self driving cars are going to be in our future. If you live in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom then you’re probably already used to seeing Google’s self driving car navigating itself around the city. For most of us though they still seem like science fiction, they’re […] More

  • Facebook marketplace buy used car



    How to Use Facebook Marketplace to Buy a Used Car

    Cars are expensive, but there are many options out there for finding a reliable used car at a fraction of the price of a new car. Maintenance and insurance costs are high, so it’s common for an individual to want to sell an extra car for an immediate profit. If you’re in the market for […] More

  • electric cars

    Electric Cars – What’s Their Future?

    Image Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels Let’s go in parts… An electric car is a vehicle driven only by an electric-powered engine. It depends entirely on batteries, and its autonomy is limited by them. Although there are other variants that combine the batteries and electric motor with another combustion engine (diesel or gasoline) which makes […] More

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    Top 5 Most Luxurious Badass RV’s on the Planet.

    I’ll admit that these luxury RV’s straight out of the showroom aren’t the most practical for plowing through a heard of the walking dead, it’d murder the paint work, but who the hell would want Dale’s beat up old clunker, when in a post zombie apocalypse world you could just take one of these… After all you’ve […] More