What Women Really Think of Pick-up Artists

The truth about pick-up

Women get hit on all the time, and a very attractive woman will always assume that if a guy talks to her when he doesn’t need to, he’s got something else on in his mind.

That’s not women being big-headed, that’s a survival instinct, an early warning sign in case we need one. Because, unfortunately, we sometimes do.

So we know what you’re doing when you pull your PUA moves on us, even those of us who’ve never heard of PUAs, because this dynamic is as old as time. We don’t think you’re just trying to be friends, and most of us much prefer the PUA approach (when done well) to any macho bullshit that adds nothing to our day.

So, if we sleep with you it’s because we wanted to, and because we think you’ve earned it. It’s not because you ‘won’, and we ‘lost’. We both won, well done all round.

If you’ve covered up something really important, like your marital status, whether or not you’re a murderer, or that you’ve put something in our drink, or if you’ve pretended you want something more than you really do, that’s a different matter.

But a bit of banter you learned on the internet? No problem, knock yourselves out – you’re not deceiving us, you’re entertaining us, and that’s ok.

— Note from the editor–

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