Kate Rawdon

  • hot girl paradox

    The Hot Girl Paradox

    The hot girl paradox There’s a school of thought among a lot of men – especially those who feel somewhat thwarted in love – that ‘hot girls’ are a species all of their own, and that they’re a hostile species at that. The hot girl, they think, must have it easy. She gets to choose […]

  • Do Women Really Want their Men to Have the Body of an Olympic Athlete?

    You may have noticed, in the past week, that the news has been showing close-ups of dripping wet male torsos where Donald Trump used to be. Even if you’re not that way inclined, you have to admit that this is an improvement. Perhaps you’ve also seen and been amused by all the love online directed […]

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  • What Women Really Think of Pick-up Artists

    Pick-up artists, or ‘PUAs’ if you’re more familiar with them, are self-proclaimed gurus who claim to help men achieve more success when approaching women. As a woman who has read a great deal about PUAs over the years, and met a large number of them, I’ve developed my own opinions on how successful this art […]