August 2016

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  • What Women Really Think of Pick-up Artists

    Pick-up artists, or ‘PUAs’ if you’re more familiar with them, are self-proclaimed gurus who claim to help men achieve more success when approaching women. As a woman who has read a great deal about PUAs over the years, and met a large number of them, I’ve developed my own opinions on how successful this art […]

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    5 Handy Hints to Bring Back Chivalry

    I have it on good authority from she who must be obeyed (the wife) that women think chivalry is dead! Well I’m going to attempt to redress this with some handy hints, under close supervision of course, to put our natural machismo back in it’s box for a bit to allow our knight in shining […]

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    7 bucket list beers

    7 Beers to Add to Your Bucket List

    Alright this for those of you who insist on drinking that Bud stuff, and for those of you who would like the experience of actually enjoying a pint or two. This is not for those of you who’s sole objective when on a night out is to get totally hammered then end the evening on […]

  • top 10 jobs for men with balls

    Top 10 Jobs for Men with Balls

    Top Ten Jobs for Men with Balls We may not all have the most exciting jobs in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some guys out there risking life and limb to make our lives easier. While a lot of traditional jobs take guts, like police officers or fire fighters, there are some […]